We’re excited to announce that we were selected as one of five funded projects to receive an investment through the Coalitions for Health Improvement Community Initiatives Funding, made possible by the North Central Accountable Community of Health (NCACH). As part of a statewide Medicaid Transformation Project, these funds will support innovative and collaborative efforts to improve health and wellness for underserved communities across North Central Washington. 

This grant will increase our capacity to serve kids in the Orondo and Waterville School Districts during the 2020-2021 school year, in partnership with the Orondo and Waterville School Districts of Douglas County. This project will address the systemic and individual barriers that impact student achievement and connect both kids and families with needed community resources. 

We are excited to partner with the Orondo and Waterville School Districts to expand our successful model of Integrated Student Supports to more students, helping them to stay engaged in school and achieve their dreams of a bright future!

For more information about this grant award, visit NCACH here.