Last year, teachers approached the CIS site coordinator at a local school with a concern regarding a student’s speech ability and wondering if he should be receiving speech services at school. The Site Coordinator reached out to the family and assessed their needs and access to resources. She also spoke to the Speech Pathologist, learning that the misalignment of the student’s teeth was negatively impacting his speech ability. After reaching out to parents, she learned that they were aware of the problem, but lacked access to the resources to acquire braces for their son.

By reaching out to the community, the site coordinator matched the needs of this family to the resources available. In this case, a local orthodontist was able to meet with the family to determine the student’s needs and worked with them to help their son. By December, the student had braces.

The student now smiles more often and has gained a powerful self-confidence. This transformation would not have been possible without the involvement of community partners and the Communities In Schools Site Coordinator connecting the family to local resources.